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Christmas Ornaments

Finally, our own christmas tree! But wait, how are we going to decorate it if we do not have m/any ornaments, collected over years and years of owning a christmas tree? Well, we will just have to make some. Just some felt, glitter and a hot glue gun will go a long way! A nice walk in the park will get you all the pine cones and needles you will need to make other nice ornaments. We wanted to have an all natural tree, so besides the bright colors of the felt, the rest was all natural!

Gingerbread man and house, The Grinch and a Reindeer!

If you go out and collect pine branches and holly leaves, you can make a nice wreath in no time. I simply bend the branches into a round shape with lots of wire, and then tuck pieces of the branches under the wire. Use the holly leaves once the wreath has taken on some shape and is thick and dense. Finish with some pinecones and ribbon. You can use nails to secure the candles on the wreath and your done!


Just put a tiny cone in a glass ornament, add glitter and your done!

Now doesn’t our tree look nice?



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