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Mail Organizer

Does your mail end up on the table or the kitchen counter to create a huge pile that never seems to get smaller? You’re not alone! I decided to tackle this problem by creating this awesomely easy DIY mail organizers. I had a few old shutters lying around and I found this paint in the 50 cents shelf at the Home Depot so this project costs essentially 50 cents plus ~1 hour.  Here is the tutorial:

1. Clean your shutters.  Mine were old and dusty. Just some soap and warm water will do.

2. Take off all the little hooks that connect each shutter to the rod in the center.  You won’t be able to fit all the mail through this! If you are working with larger shutters, you might be able to skip this step.

3. Paint! I used Behr latex paint that worked great.  Let dry in between coats. Two coats will do.

4. Attach to the wall.  We choose to screw the organizer straight to the wall to give it most support.  Also it is essential it is fluch against the wall so the mail has some resistance when it goes between the shutters!

2013-06-30 17.12.18

Mail Organizers made from old shutters

5. Voila!


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