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Spring Placemats

I picked up some sweet colored fabric – one multicolor flower petal pattern and the other one a simple blue. I wanted these to be 18” by 20”, so think about 1/2 yard for each placemat, of each color. Mine came out a little smaller because I ran out of fabric!

The first try I ironed over the edges, and then sowed the two pieces together, insides facing each other. Since the two fabric pieces aren’t exact, the two pieces did not always match up and in the end I did not get a super flat placemat.

Placemats first try.

The second try I placed the two pieces of fabric right sides together, and then sowed them in a rectangle, leaving one of the shorter edges open. Then I flipped the two pieces inside out (right side out), and ironed the edges flat. I ironed the shorter side with fold going inside, so it would match the rest. Then I went around the rectangle twice to get shown edge.


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