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Before & After: Morrocan Room 2

Since we needed a place to wind down and sip some mint tea, this low couch sit-upon was just the perfect addition to our empty corner.

Our empty morrocan corner

Torren build the box.  This design consisted of 8′ 4×4 solid oak struts (green), some 2×4’s for support and 1/8″ plywood for the front (purple). In order to make it look pretty, we added some decorating trim to the top and the bottom.

sketch of bench

The design was somewhat clever. We used our new table saw to make .75″ cuts into the solid oak 4×4 supports (we did this twice, to get the right thickness for the plywood).  Once all supports were prepped this way, the plywood slid in to make the front and sides. Since the slots don’t make it all the way to the floor, the plywood sits nicely a couple of inches off the floor.

corner 2 by 2

Corner two by two with slit insert.

We then added the decorating trim with some finishing nails and the bench was done. Well, not really.


Thin plywood insert with decorating trim.

We wanted some cushions to go on top, so we went ahead and made a big purchase of some 3″ foam at Jo-Anns, along with some fabric. I choose to make a golden welt cording, which I then sewed in on all edges.

Golden welt cording with red morrocan fabric cushion.

Golden welt cording with red Moroccan fabric cushion.

I sewed it all inside out, flipped it around, squeezed in foam and finished the last stitches by hand.

Finishing the final stitches!

Well I am sure you’d like to see the final product??? Well here you go!

What do you think?


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