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Before & After: Morrocan Room I

Hey there! I am excited to share our first room make-over: The Morrocan Tea room. We have this lovely room next to the kitchen with a fire place, that barely fits a couch, let alone two comfy reading chairs. We had no idea what to do with it, until we realized the potential for our Morrocan inspired tea room. Since we travelled there in 2011, we had many souvenirs to display and enjoy!

Here is the before of the side of the room with the chimney:

Our lovely antique fireplace mantel.

Now isn’t that lovely, our Morrocan tea set, tagine and the Hookah (from Turkey…) are already in place, along with the Taj-Mahal Torren carved out of wood many years ago!

The room was very cold and not very inviting, so we knew we needed to decorate the walls. We ended up looking at fabrics at Jo-Anns for hours, until we found the right stuff. I quickly sew up the sides, added a pipe at the top and hung the fabric with a simple rope we had lying around! It hid very well…

Fireplace after transformation.

Doesn’t it look so much better? The light dims too to make it more romantic!

To see the future projects that will inspire this room, check out my pinterest boardĀ

See you around soon!


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