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Brick Succulent Planter

I love the texture and color of brick.Those beautiful old brick walls that are exposed in the interior just add so much character to a space. So in an attempt to add more of brick into my life without living in an old brick house, I made this beautiful succulent planter. It required the hard work of a guy using the drill bit, while I sprayed water to keep it all cool. 


Tools you will need:

  • a strong man or of course a strong woman
  • masonry hole saw bit (1.5inches)
  • brick
  • Chisel
  • tealight
  • succulent plant
  • drill

First, lay the brick somewhere flat. Decide where you would like the succulent and the tea light to go. Start drilling using the 1.5inch masonry hole saw. Continue spraying the brick with the water where you are drilling. The drill bit will become quite hot. If there is too much smoke, stop immediately and let the drill bit cool off. You can start carefully chiseling the hole, and continue to drill once it has cooled off. Repeat until the tea light fits in flush. Do the same for the succulent spot. Once the hole has reached about 1.5 inches, you can add succulent soil and add your plant.